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Last NFL season gifted fans some of the highest scoring, most competitive football in league history, capped off by an epic Super Bowl, which saw the New England Patriots rally from a 25-point deficit.Cheap Sports Jerseys.Week 1 of the 2017 season made all of that feel like a long, long time ago.In the 290 regular-season NFL weeks since 2000, a week with three such contests has only happened 10 times.Discount Jerseys.And if not for two late fourth-quarter Los Angeles Chargers touchdowns that occurred while most of the East Coast was sound asleep Monday night,Week 1 of 2017 would have joined Week 7 of 2009, Week 8 of 2010 and Week 12 of 2008 as the only weeks since 2000 with a measly two games decided by 7 points or fewer.

Last year, for comparison, 11 Week 1 games had margins of eight points or fewer.Youth Football Jerseys.The year before that, there were nine; before that, eight; and before that, 12 in 2013, the most-ever such Week 1 games. The most recent year with as few close Week 1 games as this year had was 1976.In general, teams experienced difficulties moving the ball efficiently, averaging only 5.07 yards per play—or approximately what the Vikings and Browns averaged through all of last season. The Week 1 yards-per-play average exceeded 5.33 in each of the six other years since 2011. That difference might not sound like a lot, but it’s worth an extra few first downs over the course of a typical game.Our own Danny Kelly already covered the leaguewide rushing issues: mainly, that touchdowns, yards, and yards per carry lagged compared to recent Week 1s.Cheap Football Jerseys.Unsurprisingly given the above point totals, quarterback play was also spotty throughout the league. Scoring through the air was down, for one: The league combined for 38 touchdown passes, whereas in every other Week 1 since 2011, QBs have combined for at least 48.

The Jaguars had 10 sacks, including 3.5 in the first half by Campbell.China Jerseys.Baltimore shut out division-rival Cincinnati. Carolina flashed the potential to dominate on D the way it did in its Super Bowl run of 2015. Green Bay kept the Seahawks out of the end zone, though that might have been more of a Seahawks thing than a Packers thing.Cheap Jerseys From China.It was the fourth time in Seattle’s past 10 road games that the Seahawks failed to score a touchdown.

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