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The Giants offense, much like Seattle’s, may not offer the best measuring stick, though.Jerseys For Sale.While the New York front office added pieces like tight end Evan Engram and wide receiver Brandon Marshall this offseason to give Eli Manning’s crew another dimension, the unit looked lost in Dallas. The 2016 Giants finished 26th in the league in scoring offense (19.4 points per game); with superstar receiver Beckham out with an ankle injury, the Giants looked well, like last season’s team would’ve looked without Beckham.Jerseys From China.They generated 13 first downs and six punts. Marshall’s only catch came on the final play of the fourth quarter.

The excuses are already piling up to downplay the NFL’s disappointing showing Thursday. One common explanation is that Irma’s impending arrival drove people to the Weather Channel and cable news stations.Cheap Football Jerseys.While that makes sense on the surface –– those networks combined for a 6.4 national rating Thursday –– it’s also convenient. There will always be major news events going on. Political fervor might be at an apex in the Trump era, but other sports leagues aren’t taking hits in the ratings.Youth Football Jerseys.This year’s NBA Finals were the most-watched since 1998 and Game 7 between the Cubs and Indians was the most-viewed MLB contest in 25 years. NFL playoff television ratings, meanwhile, were down for eight of 10 games last season. The Super Bowl, which featured the Patriots mounting a historic comeback, was the least-watched since 2013.

Last season, the average playoff point differential was 14.8. Discount Jerseys.The games weren’t captivating, and if Sunday’s action was a harbinger of the foreseeable future, this year might not be any better.China Jerseys.Quarterbacks Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Savage, Andy Dalton, Scott Tolzein and Joe Flacco –– all of whom started for AFC playoff contenders –– only completed 56 percent of their passes and threw up eight interceptions in comparison to just three touchdowns.

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